Pororo lie detector

Pororo Lie Detector — A pororo lie detector is a lie detector toy in the shape of a Pororo mike. A person declares something and if it is a lie, the red light comes on and it says “It is a lie. You must not tell lies.”

When Gu Ae Jung got angry at Dok Go Jin because of the pen incident, she refused to answer his calls. Dok Go Jin then waited outside her nephew’s school and sweet talked him into calling her to fetch him.  When Gu Ae Jung came by Dok Go Jin’ house to get his newphew, Dok Go Jin declared he won’t hold on Gu Ae Jung anymore.  Gu Ae Jung’s then initial reaction was relief. But Dok Go Jin teased her of being disappointed because of what he said. Gu Ae Jung acted firm on her view of not liking him.  Dok Go Jin then asked her to say that she will never ever like him but the pororo lie detector says otherwise.  It shouted, “It is a lie. You must not tell lies.”

It also depicts the relationship of Hyung Gyu (Gu Ae Jung’s nephew or famously known as Ding Dong) and Dok Go Jin.  He told Ding Dong that it is okay to tell his classmates that they are close.  Upon hearing this, Ding Dong thinking it’s a lie ask if it’s okay.  Dok Go Jin then asked him to say they’re close and press then pororo mike but it didn’t blink does not shout.  So Dok Go Jin affirmed that saying they’re close isn’t lying as the toy proved.

by melancholiac


2 responses to “Pororo lie detector

  1. I better buy this one when I go to korea again this year! so funny lie detector sort of all cracks and misunderstandings!

  2. dokkogirlsunite


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