Ramen [rah-muh’n] is originally a Japanese noodle dish consisting of a salty broth with Chinese-style wheat noodles.  The Korean version of ramen is usually in the form of instant nooddles and is known to be hot and spicy, as its soup is usually flavored with chili peppers.  There are many varieties of Korean ramen, such as kimchi-flavored, seafood-flavored and beef-flavored.  Some restaurants serve variations of ramen containing additional ingredients such as dumplings, dduk, cheese, etc.  It is usually served with vegetables, such as carrots and green onions, and eggs on top.

In Greatest Love, Yoon Pil-joo used to secretly eat ramen with his father when they were younger.  His father used to say that they should always listen to what their women say and make them happy.  But sometimes they don’t understand and get angry too.  So then, he and his dad would cook ramen together.  They’d eat a ton of that, and eat his Mom’s food unappetizingly as their sole form of rebellion.  Pil-joo is seen buying ramen after a meeting with the Couple Making producer where they wanted him to do things on the show that would make Gu Ae-jung appear foolish.

However, before he could even eat the ramen, he see Se-ri and offers her some.  At first she is reluctant to eat the ramen but soon she eats the whole thing.

Regret soon follows as she cringes at the thought of her bloated face being filmed the following day.

In episode 12, Pil-joo binges on ramen after Ae-jung confesses liking Jin.


One response to “Ramen

  1. This makes me want to eat RAMEN especially since Best Love is wrapping up in 5 days….hu…hu…. on the positives this place is BLOGORGEOUS~~~

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