scarf  /skɑːf/ noun (plural scarves /skɑːvz/, scarfs)

–     a piece of cloth that you wear around your neck or head to keep warm or for          decoration.

Scarf is used as the link for Ae Jung to recognize Dokko Jin as the one who taunted her arrogantly and signed his autograph on her hand when they first met in Dokko Jin’s heavily tinted van not knowing who each other was at the time. The connection was made later on, with much hilarity when both bumped into each other and the comedy ensued.

It is also worth noting that because of the scarf Ae Jung overheard egoistic Dokko Jin being rejected by Hollywood Director Peter Jason. This was a thorn in Dokko Jin’s Hollywood dreams and was used effectively for Dokko Jin & Ae Jung to continue meeting each other whether they liked it or not. Also notable is that, a near kiss scene so early in Kdramaland made many viewers aflutter for what was to come in this drama.

In episode 1, the scarf played a further role in causing  friction between the two leads. Because Ae Jung did not want to get caught overhearing Dokko Jin’s Hollywood rejection, she outed herself as a fan who just wanted Dokko Jin’s autograph to explain her presence in his green room.  Conscious of his image, Dokko Jin obliges and without a word grabs the scarf to sign much to Ae Jung’s horror.

Ae Jung worried about the borrowed expensive scarf that’s been ruined by Dokko Jin’s signature is asked during a radio show whether Ae Jung is a fan of Dokko Jin. The radio presenter recognizes Dokko Jin’s autograph and suspiciously asks Ae Jung what relationship they both have. Ae Jung who in truth would have said how arrogant and rude Dokko Jin truly is, comes out saying “He is like this kind of person who can’t be honest.” referring to Dokko Jin being injured while filming Fighter which was actually a truth that was never used by Dokko Jin’s management because he did not want to appear weak. This cemented Dokko Jin and Ae Jung to become further entangled in each other’s lives.

The scarf, albeit a different scarf, made another appearance on episode 9 adorned by Lee Seung Gi (cameo role, a famous trademark of the Hong sisters – the writers; Lee Seung Gi played the lead in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho back in 2010 and was originally supposed to play the role of Dokko Jin) playing himself, he meets Jenny wearing the same scarf and as celebrity ego goes Seung Gi showed that one’s public persona might be very different from one’s real personality. It also showed that when Dokko Jin met Lee Seung Gi at the lift Dokko Jin used his star power to *negotiate for Ae Jung to be in Lee Seung Gi’s variety show. (*It gave us a peek of how celebrities might actually use their star powers to pull strings and get what they want.) 

by QD


3 responses to “Scarf

  1. Do you know what brand it is for the scarf that seunggi wears?

    • As far as I know, its Alexander McQueen. It has ‘MC’ on it and if you look closer Seung gi is wearing Alexander McQueen trademark skull necklace too. I am not able to confirm this as looking through all Alexander McQueen’s scarves I couldnt find the one Seung gi wore. It doesnt look like John Galliano’s either so dont take my word for it 🙂 Hope this helps.

  2. My Seung Gi yah~~ the best cameo ever!!

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