WINE wine  (wn)

a. A beverage made of the fermented juice of any of various kinds of grapes, usually containing from 10 to 15 percent alcohol by volume.

b. A beverage made of the fermented juice of any of various other fruits or plants.

Wine dominates episode 1 and 2.  Wine is associated with the bribe used by Dokko Jin to gain favor from Hollywood director Peter Jason.  Ae Jung overhears that Dokko Jin, with dreams of making it big in Hollywood, is rejected over another actor who speaks better english than him.  (Ouch!)  Of course, image conscious Dokko Jin is feeling the hurt of being rejected.

This is used well – the feeling and experience of rejection and understanding of the entertainment world that both these veteran showbiz personalities inhabit and share.  Ae Jung uses this to gain empathy from Dokko Jin to plead to him (the most famous actor they ever had on the show) to be her phone-a-friend quiz partner.  As Dokko Jin is not without heart, reluctantly he does pick up the call.  this is when an exhilarating game of describe-an-object leads to the last question of their remaining time.  Ae Jung finally says, ‘BRIBE!,’ puzzling everyone in the studio, ‘The thing you gave Peter Jason!’  The competitive Dokko Jin yells, ‘WINE!’ and Ae Jung prompts him further for the answer when he excitedly answers and guesses ‘GRAPES!’ – the final answer.  Cheers and shouts from a happy audience and even Dokko Jin is pleased with himself.  The hosts congratulates Dokko Jin for being the first guest to have guessed every term correctly.  Dokko Jin basked in his own glory suddenly turns white. This is when the host asks Dokko Jin that he must have really want the Hollywood role for him to bribe the director with expensive wine !!! (OOPS!)

Dokko Jin tried to get Ae Jung to cancel the broadcast of the show because of the revelation of the bribe.  Hilarity ensues when they squabble resulting in Dokko Jin colliding into Ae Jung’s car and thus faking an injury to receive public sympathy as the reason for not going to Hollywood.  Reporters blame Ae Jung for holding Dokko Jin back from achieving worldwide success and notoriety.

Wine makes another appearance in episode 9 (one of my favourites), Dokko Jin courts Ae Jung.  Ae Jung is afraid as it is scandalous to them both but doesn’t reciprocate.  When Dokko Jin found that the “Thump-thump” song was played during his surgery he deceives himself into thinking it was all to do with the surgery and not his real feelings for Ae Jung.  However Ae Jung doesn’t see the sense in Dokko Jin’s reasoning and realizes that she has feelings for Dokko Jin.  Dokko Jin then brings the Peter Jason wine as a peace offering for stirring Ae Jung’s feelings.  Since he won’t be reciprocating Ae Jung’s feelings, they can drink the wine as a way to put an end to things.  Ae Jung drinks the entire bottle of wine in one shot and through this Dokko Jin finds out the truth to a couple of misunderstandings about Ae Jung and it reawakens his feelings for her, inwardly forcing him to seek the truth in his own heart…

by QD


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