3 Red Roses


Noun: A prickly bush or shrub (genus Rosa) that typically bears red, pink, yellow, or white fragrant flowers, native to north temperate regions and widely grown as an ornamental.

On Couple Making the signification of receiving a rose prevents the bachelorette from getting eliminated.  The girl who gets the rose gets to be in the running for Dr. Yoon Pil Joo’s affection thus continues on the show.  If one doesn’t get a rose, they get booted out of the show.

On Episode 8, face-off between Pil Joo and Dokko Jin.  Both wanting to protect Ae Jung but both have very different ways of going about and doing it.  In the midst of being attacked by a mob of reporters for pushing up the auctioning price of her purple sneakers, Dokko Jin announces that it was he who had bought them.  He uses his money and fame to save Ae Jung.  Knowing that the PDs and Seri had asked Pil Joo to boot Has-been Ae Jung from the show, Dokko Jin asks Pil Joo to present Ae Jung with one rose to keep her around for another episode.  In spite of Dokko Jin’s request, Pil Joo tells Ae Jung that he may not know how to protect Ae Jung in front of the media but that he will do it in his own way.

During the Couple Making rose ceremony, Pil Joo stands in front of the bachelorettes, 3 roses in hand.  Heading towards Ae Jung, he gives her a single rose.  The PDs and Seri start to get upset that he didn’t do as they requested but a pleased Dokko Jin watches from afar. But Pil Joo hands Ae Jung a second, then a third rose to everyone’s shock.  The crowd is buzzing over this unexpected turn of events.

Afterwards in the dressing room, Pil Joo tells her he is frustrated that he cannot do more and that he wants to take her away from the entertainment world that is causing her so much humiliation and hardship.  He confesses to a shocked Gu Ae Jung, “This is… my honest, my way… to tell you my heart.  Now, instead of treating you, I’ve come to want to protect you first.  Gu Ae Jung-sshi, I like you.”


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