Face Cream and White Shorts

Face cream and white shorts – These are Gu Ae Jung’s personal items in her room.

When Dok Go Jin decided he needed recharging, he went to Gu Ae Jung’s house.  Since Gu Ae Jung was not around he tried to check the house, upon seeing her room, he decided to steal a look.  He saw her face cream and before closing it, he smelled her familiar scent and decided to dab it on his upper lip.  But suddenly Gu Ae Jung returned home making Dok Go Jin panic.  While trying to escape he stepped in the medicinal tonic which fell on the floor and struggled to wipe it with Gu Ae Jung’s white shorts.

He pocketed her shorts and hastily ran for cover. Gu Ae Jung eventually caught him due to the footmarks in her bed and noises he unintentionally made due to spraining his ankle while rushing to hide.  Gu Ae Jung noticed the smell and accused Dok Go Jin of using it.  He tried to explain himself but Gu Ae Jung then noticed her shorts in his pocket and upon inspecting it saw his handprints on the butt.

by melancholiac


2 responses to “Face Cream and White Shorts

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  2. Haha, the perverted stalker! another dejavu! this scene totally cracks me up!

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