Kimbap (sans cucumber)

Kimbap /gimbap/ (no cucumber, please)

Kimbap is literally “seaweed rice” – or rice wrapped in seaweed. Vegetables like cucumber is usually included but one would prefer not to as it could be tricky if one uses the center part which is mainly mostly seeds but soft and mushy therefore will result in the popular dish not getting the right texture. In some cases, burdock is the preferred choice.

In episode 10 when Dokko Jin eats the ends of the kimbap that Gu Ae Jeong gives him, he realizes she has included cucumber.Mentioning about not liking cucumber, he suggests an alternative.  To spite him, she adds more slices of cucumbers to the one she’s making. He protests but she totally ignores him.On episode 12, for their Star Date when Ae Jung was the host for the first time and Dokko Jin is the guest, they went to a place where they had dukbokki. She asks if he likes it, but again reminds her that he likes his kimbap without cucumber.

by shintsuyo


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