Medicinal tonic

Medicinal tonic

– Therapeutic herbal remedies designed to nourish, detoxify and revitalize the blood and internal organs of the body.

– Treatments administered by oriental doctor Yoon Pil Joo at his clinic. Despite their good purposes, Medicinal Tonics are always involved in stalking situations in this drama. While doing an errand at Dokko Jin’s house, Gu Ae Jung steps on one of the packaged tonics and spills it.  She unintentionally uses Dokko Jin’s panty (underwear) to clean the mess.  After coming clean to Dokko Jin, Gu Ae Jung prepares to leave his house when she receives a call from Yoon Pil Joo.  Out of jealousy Dokko Jin yells for his panty back.  Gu Ae Jung fibs to Yoon Pil Joo that her brother and nephew must be fighting, embarrassed at her current situation. She tosses it back at him.  He picks up the panty with his foot and throws it back in her faces, yelling at her to wash the stained panty.  Gu Ae Jung has no choice but to obliged Dokko Jin by washing his panty.

As a reversal, Dokko Jin spills Medicinal Tonic while going through Gu Ae Jung’s bedroom.  First, using his hands, he then finds shorts and uses it to clean up the mess.  Hiding at the sight of Gu Ae Jung returning home, he steps over her bedspread leaving behind tonic-stained footprints.  Medicinal Tonic is also used to represent Yoon Pil Joo in that it is often heated before drinking.  Vitamin Water represents the cold demeanor of Dokko Jin.

by Antonia


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