Mont Blanc Pen

Mont Blanc Pen 

 Any of various instruments for writing or drawing with ink or a similar substance; a detachable metal penpoint, filled by dipping or with a quill; nib; such a penpoint with its penholder manufactured by Montblanc International GmbH.

– A valued gift from Yoon Pil Joo’s father, he always lends it and forgets to take it back.At the Couple Making set,  Jealous Dokko Jin took Yoon Pil Joo’s Mont Blanc Pen from Gu Ae Jung and childishly buried it in a huge pit of plastic balls.Afterwards he felt remorseful so he used his influence and a troop of people to help rescue the pen. He succeeded but he didn’t return it to Gu Ae Jung. Instead he told her that if she finds the Mont Blanc Pen she must take back her words of never ever liking him. He asked Gu Ae Jung to come over to his house to make sure his fish got fed while he was away in Japan.  He hid the pen in a fish food container expecting her to find it. However, she refilled the fish food container burying the pen further in the fish food. Meanwhile, in order to relieve guilty Gu Ae Jung, Yoon Pil Joo bought another Mont Blanc Pen and mailed it to her, so she would think an MBS staff member had found it.  A happy Gu Ae Jung reported finding the pen to Dokko Jin but he thought she had lied in order to look good to Yoon Pil Joo.  Later, Dokko Jin hurt by the misunderstanding returns the pen to Gu Ae Jung but she still fails to clear up the confusion.  Not until, Jenny tells him the whole truth.  In a beautiful sequence where a drunk Gu Ae Jung acknowledges that she didn’t lie about the Mont Blanc Pen, Dokko Jin sees the entire picture.

by Antonia


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