Rose Petal in Handkerchief

Rose Petal in Handkerchief – Undeniable Feelings

hand·ker·chief [hang-ker-chif, -cheef]

Noun: A square of material, intended for wiping one’s nose.

In episode 4, Top movie star Dokko Jin and Has-been Ae Jung are not exactly the type you would expect to be together much less gain any popularity from it. But as real life goes, Dokko Jin finds himself drawn to Ae Jung because of the “Thump-thump” song.  Asking Rep. Moon hypothetically about how one knows that they are in love with someone, love being a virgin territory for this top star; DKJ is trying to discover if he has romantic feelings for Ae Jung.  Rep moon replies, ‘Seeing that person with someone else, if your heart beats faster, then it means…you like her.’ Being struck with emotions of jealousy upon seeing Ae Jung being unexpectedly given a rose (to the surprise of everyone including Ae Jung herself) by Dr. Pil Joo, Ae Jung is relieved and happy she is not booted out of the show.  Meanwhile DokKo Jin’s heart races, Rep Moon’s words stinging him.  Meeting Ae Jung after the shoot, who is happily showing off her rose, Egocentric Dokko Jin’s reflex causes him to grab the rose making the petals fall.

Understandably upset, AJ leaves while Dokko sits in exasperation of this newfound, unfamiliar feeling.  Trying to shake away this unnerving feeling, he throws the petals in the bin only to find a single red petal that stubbornly sticking to his hand and the cover of the trash can.  Dokko Jin picks up this single petal and sentimentally puts it between his handkerchief.

Alone at home DKJ finds the handkerchief with the rose petal and silently ponders his feelings for Ae Jung, reliving the moment Dr PJ gave AJ a rose. He tries to shake his feelings off and asks himself why did he bring home a dirty rose petal. He pushes the rose petal away only to find the rose petal had already imprinted a pinkish heart shaped mark on his white handkerchief symbolising to us viewers the fact that Ae Jung has already left a unremovable mark on his real heart no matter how hard he tries to deny or reject it.

by QD


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