Yellow Car

Yellow Car – A beautiful yellow vintage car sitting in the middle of Dok Go Jin’s house.

After Gu Ae Jung dashed off to Dok Go Jin’s house hearing that he hit Manager Jang at the awards ceremony, he points out that there were reporters outside and that they could be stranded in his house for 2 to 3 days.  He tells Gu Ae Jung that he’d be willing to show her an secret escape route if she’d cook him some curry.

After eating, both of them sit in the yellow car.   He asks if there is a place she would like to go together because if she is with him he could go anywhere.  Not wanting to play games, Gu Ae Jung tells him she is crazy to believe he was being sincere about an secret escape route and prepare to get up but Dok Go Jin stops her by saying he is not crazy but broken like the car.  Since it is broken, it (he) will keep on chasing her but he advises her to keep doing what she does and keep avoiding him.  Gu Ae Jung then answers that if he follows her around, then she will avoid him. And since the car(he) is broken, it will eventually just stop.


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