Sometimes I find myself crying or laughing because I just remembered some scene from Best Love. Sometimes I feel the urgency to shout “Panty” or “Heartbreak” or whisper “Recharge” and I oblige. I discovered that I can do flying kicks (Yes I downloaded the “Heartbreaker” song and yes I do the Dokko Dragon dance). Potatoes are one of my favorite dishes but since Best Love, every time I eat them I feel so guilty… and I think maybe raising a potato would relieve my conscience.


I’m not kidding when I’m saying Best Love occupies 300% of my time. Since Best Love my weeks begin on Wednesday. I watch the episodes raw and then watch them with English subtitles and then watch them again. When I’m not searching the web for news, comments, previews or pictures, I’m listening to the OST thinking of Best Love or waiting for Best Love. I can not imagine life when Best Love ends. I don’t want it to end.


Why Best Love affected me so much? Is it because of the amazing writing and acting? Is it because the heartwarming story? Or maybe because it is funny and exciting? But wait it’s also angsty! It has the kind of angst that kills you in a good way… you cry tons and yet you have a sad smile on your face. Maybe it’s because it has the most awesome leading man in K-drama history. I think it’s because Best Love is so real to me. The Love Story between Dokko Jin and Ae Jung is real… and I hope they will be recharging happily ever after.      


The truth is that I would never look at words and objects like chicken, heartbreak, recharge, potato, Ding Dong and so on the same way again. And I’m so glad to have this place to make me remember what they are to me, to share with you all and to come when I miss Best Love.




2 responses to “Antonia

  1. Hi tonyyyy!!!!

    Nice work my dear sister..
    ¸.❉´¯) ¸.☆´¯)

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