Oops. I’m so late writing my own introduction. *hides from all dokkogirls.

Hope you girls forgive me with this.

I love the drama, simply because of him.

No, actually I’m more drawn to the storyline and how well it is written. I love all the wordplays and the layers of their meanings. Which is enough to make a library (here) out of it.  I fell hard with this drama during episode 5 where DKJ confessed his love, rejected and threatened her with Camellia story. Then I fell in love with both DKJ and GAJ. They mis-matched beautifully. They both have pride but at the same time they’re trying their best to protect each other in their own ways. Which is just… beautiful.

I gotta thank QD for thinking up of this project and she’s the one who actually gathers us DokkoSunyeos here. With my timezone, I wake up at 5am and first thing is to chat with them. Lol. Cuz that’s when most of us are on. It’s fun how we’re actually trying to be serious when discussing this project but ended up spazzing about CSW instead *cough* I mean, Dokko Jin. XDDD Really, how can we resist such a sexy DILF. Lol. It’s fine, we’re all ahjummas. XDD


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