Best Love/The Greatest Love made me realize how fun a mature love is and how simple love can be. Love is around, take a look at the number of things they used in this drama representing love. “Rising potato” is the core of The Greatest Love. The very mature and masculine of Dokgo Jin to fight for his love, yet the finishing most of the time in childish ways is HEART. It takes an equal capacity to make the relationship with “Naneun Dok Go Jin ya” works and Ae Jung has it. For Ae Jung overcame her sadness after the truth regarding “his broken” was revealed and boosting to the more optimist atmosphere, she is his destiny. Luuuuuuuuv it!!!

Having Cha Seung Won ssi in Best Love, gave me an idea how to make over my hubby (42). Letting him to keep his moustache after cracking my brain for years to unsuccessfully pursue him get rid of it. I am happy with it now. He has the same eyes expression and the standing gesture to Cha Seung Won as well. I have missed this man for all these years, ottoke? Now I am head over heels falling for him all over again. LOL!!!

Last but the most important…. Different nation, language, age, and zone time… Best Love has brought us together here to do something like this groups’ project… Kamsahamnida Best Love…. Kamsahamnida DOKKOgirls. Will never forget this moment!!!

Very special thank to all the casts of Best Love. You have performed your roles amazingly. You guys are the best. Cha Seung Won ssi… HEART!!! See you in Baeksang Award!!!


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