Hmm… where do I begin?  I’ve always been obsessed about watching a good story unfold.  I started this project with the other Dokkogirls not knowing how much work it would actually be but thoroughly enjoying the ride because we all get to obsess about a story that we all love so much.

For me, this film/tv-obsessed fan has seen a lot of stuff over the years and what makes this drama so unique is how I was able to form relationships with these girls across continents.  We share, laugh and encourage each other (even though we’ve never met) through various timezones.  Here we come to Recharge and relive the Dugeun-Dugeun moments and we might be able to tolerate the HEAAART BREAAAK-iness of the end of a great drama just a little bit.  (Let us linger and don’t make us move! – 알짱거리고 싶어요!)  Is that cheesy?  Ding dong, you bet it is!  But I’m grateful for being part of this project and meeting my Dokkogirls!  😉


One response to “nkim111

  1. hey it’s a pleasure for me to find this page seriously it’s been like a week after i finished watching this drama and even till today i can not remove it from my head (gotta say Damn!) haha cause it’s really hypnotizing me and the songs are wonderful, i tried so hard to sing all of them but now my Korean pronounce is getting better haha..hey by the way my name is Hestrin and please keep in touch if there is something new about this lovely drama okay?? nice to know you and this website!

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