Initially, what drew me to watch ‘The Greatest Love’ was the cast. Then, I got instantly attracted to the story. It would be far fetched to say it changed something in me. But it definitely had an impact. The drama, at least to me, remind of the things I like about being in love. When love gets a certain way, you realised that it really is one of life’s greatest gift.

The story is pure and innocent even a little naive but at the same time it’s deep and profound. Somewhat similar to the disney fairytale,’Beauty and the Beast’.
The strong female character whom because of life circumstances never really give love much thought. While the main male character is a man child whom spend almost his entire life thinking of no one but himself. About ‘Best Love’ being in each other lives, no matter what they are going through at the time, I like how the two main characters never really push or refuse each other. They couldnt even if they try. I enjoy the easy conversations between themselves at times it didnt feel like watching a drama but peeking into someone else’s life.

Other than work, sleep and eat, I stop everything I’m doing at the time just so I could concentrate fully on the drama. Certainly now, I wont be able to see some objects in the same way anymore. The Greatest Love has truly become my most favourite korean drama. I hope it’ll be in a long time to come. I dont want to let go so soon. I’ll be missing it so much. Kudos to the Best Love team for putting on such a fantastic drama for us.



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