Diary [ˈdīərē]
일기 [il-ki]
—A daily record, especially a personal record of events, experiences, and observations; a journal.

Hyung-kyu, aka Ding Dong, asks Dokko why he got in trouble by his aunt. Dokko tells him it’s because he made a mistake, but is not sure how he should go about apologizing to her. Ding Dong tells Dokko that it’s easy, and all he needs to do is just tell her he was wrong and he’s sorry. Dokko explains to him that it’s not that
simple for a 37 year old man.

Ding Dong slides over his daily diary, with a section at the bottom of the page titled, “Things I Did Wrong Today.” Dokko thinks that Ding Dong is a genius. Unfortunately, Dokko is not accustomed to saying sorry, and gets frustrated after multiple tries in trying to write the perfect apology.

Later on, Ae-jung is cleaning up Ding Dong’s room when Dokko’s written apology catches her eye.

Things I Did Wrong Today:
“Telling you that I made the mistake of thinking that my beating heart caused me to like you, was a mistake. Gu Ae-jung… I’m sorry.” –Dokko Jin ♥

Although this object makes a brief appearance in episode 10, it is significant because it marks the first time Dokko apologizes to Ae-jung (since she didn’t hear him say it when she was drunk). Since apologizing is difficult for Dokko (and he rarely does it), there is a certain child-like innocence in the way he expresses it. Dokko knows that apologizing face-to-face may not work in this situation, so him writing it in the diary emphasizes Dokko’s genuine sincerity. Ae-jung is simultaneously annoyed and touched by it, or in other words… she is annoyed because she is touched by it.

— celest1al


One response to “Diary

  1. hehe.. i was laughing at this part.. when dokko is making a segue-way when he say suddenly ding dong is genius… lol.. actually when aejung read the letter, she was captivated at his apology.. soooo soo sweet ♥

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