Frog Costume

frog  [frôg, frg]
개구리 [keh-gu-ri]
—Any of numerous tailless, aquatic, semiaquatic, or terrestrial amphibians of the order Anura and especially of the family Ranidae, characteristically having a smooth moist skin, webbed feet, and long hind legs adapted for leaping.

The frog costume is introduced in episode 7, when Ae-jung has to dress up as one for a TV variety show. While on their way to the set, Ae Hwan tells her that he put her purple sneakers up for the star auction at Couple Making.

She contemplates, but decides that she wants her shoes back. On her way to get them, she runs/slides right into Dokko Jin, who catches her before she falls. She is embarrassed to be seen in her costume, and he leaves without a saying a word. She continues on her mission, but she can’t get past the turnstile due to her costume padding. She’s struggling to climb over it when Dokko Jin appears from behind, and swiftly carries her over to the other side. She is shocked and flustered, and they talk about her gig in a civil manner.

Before he leaves, he encourages her by saying, “Okay then, Gu Ae-jung frog, run hard.”

The frog costume doesn’t appear again physically, but it is mentioned  in  conversation between Ae-jung and Dokko in episode 10.

They are both dressed up for the awards ceremony, and Ae-jung asks, “I don’t look cheap wearing this, huh?” Dokko replies with an encouragement, echoing what he said earlier in episode 7, “You didn’t when you were wearing the frog either. Of all the frogs I’ve seen, you were the most luxurious. Keep running hard.”

At the ceremony after Manager Jang spills coffee on her, Dokko finds Ae-jung with a stain on her dress and a burn on her arm. She tries to hide her embarrassment by saying that dressing up doesn’t suit her, and that she is better off sticking to frog costumes.

For Ae-jung, her frog costume represents her lowly status in the industry. She feels ashamed of it, yet puts up a strong front and wears it in order to make her living. Dokko sees the costume in a different light however. He sees the frog costume as a symbol of her resilience and admires her for it, which is why he encourages her to, “run hard,” or “keep running.” He sees past her image and appreciates what’s on the inside, making the frog costume a very special object of affection.

— celest1al


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