Purple Sneakers

Sneakers is a type of athletic shoes that can be worn for sport or casually. Typically, the upper part is made of canvas while the sole is rubber. Purple is an unpopular choice for sneakers as the color is difficult to match to almost all the other colors. Even so, some may like it because with the right fit, the choice is seen as cool and probably daring.

Gu Ae Jung’s purple sneakers makes it first appearance in episode 6. She’s on a break from the filming of ‘Couple Making’ when Dokko Jin in a fit of  jealousy throws Pil Joo’s pen (See: Mont Blanc Pen) in a big pit full of plastic balls. In an attempt to look for the pen, she lost one of her sneakers as well. Not wanting Gu Ae Jung to be mad at him, Dokko Jin sends a search squad to recover the lost items succeeds his mission.

In episode 7, she finds the lost sneaker in a cake box that he brings to the karaoke place where they’re supposed to celebrate her new album. Because of some misunderstanding that occurs during that time, the fact that he returns her sneaker, hits her hard. It’s then that the purple sneakers start to hold its significance in their story especially from Gu Ae Jung’s point of view. At home on her front steps and holding on to her new found sneaker, she says the words she would as if he’s there.
Over at MBS, her brother, Ae Hwan says he’d put the sneakers as her auction item for ‘Couple Making’. She goes back and forth about putting the sneakers on the auctioning block.  But ultimately decides not to when she runs into Dokko Jin on the way to the studio. She figures if the item was in her possesion it would only make her wear them and run to him.  Dokko Jin finds out from one of the writers on ‘Couple Making’ about the sneakers being up for auction and it doesnt sit well with him.  He aims to win back the sneakers through the auction.  Subsequently, Pil Joo has the same idea and they have a virtual confrontation with the item at center stage.  Jin reflects about how since he’s the one who finds the sneakers not just anyone could have them. He worries over an imaginary scenario of Pil Joo handing the sneakers to Ae Jung therefore causing him to be more determined to win.
Pil Joo loses the battle only due to the fact that his computer lost power so Dokko Jin’s wins at a high price. Pondering on how to hand the sneakers to Gu Ae Jung, the media pounces on the fact that the price skyrocketed rather quickly making people suspicious as to how that came to be.  Dokko Jin decides to come forward when the media takes their speculation too far.  Amongst the scoop-hungry crowd, he arrives like an angelic savior with the goods in hands.  He holds them up and declares that he’s responsible for the purchase because he wanted to support his company’s it’s speculation too far. She get hounded by them and he appears amongst the crowd with the goods in hand. He holds them up and declares that he’s responsible for the purchase saying that he wanted to support someone who is at the same company as him and his “girlfriend’s” (aka Seri) program . With that, he gets on his knees and put them on for her.
After receiving 3 roses (See: 3 Red Roses) from Pil joo, she looks down at her sneakers and is reminded of Dokko Jin.  She wonders about him and considers her feelings and determines that she wants to see him again.
In episode 11, feeling the pressure from outside concerning her relationship with Jin, she decides to get rid of the sneakers and give them up for recycling. Her decision causes her to break down to which her nephew, Hyung Kyu, is a witness to. Having seen that, the boy gets the sneakers back for her from the recycling bin with help from Pil Joo who happens to walk by at the time. Hyung Kyu explains what happened to Pil Joo and the boy then gets home, washes the sneakers by hand and leaves them to dry. Later, Pil Joo is at Ae Jung’s when he sees the sneakers. Recalling the incident with the boy, he settles on then to let her to go to Dokko Jin.

Jin asks for a favor from Hyung Kyu in episode 14 to place an important thing next to her valued possesion, something that she won’t throw away. Back at Ae Jeung’s room, after giving it much thought, he thinks of the purple sneakers.


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