flyer (also spelled flier1[›] or called a circularhandbill or leaflet) is a single page leaflet advertising a nightclub, event, service, or other activity.

In addition to doing variety shows, Gu Ae Jung appears at a disco nightclub to earn a living.  The flyer first appears in Episode 1 and later in Episode 4 where Gu Ae Jung’s nephew, Gu Hyung Kyu makes paper planes out of them to throw to Dokko Jin.

The nightclub performance is scheduled on Gu Ae Jung’s 10th Debut Anniversary contrary to Kang Seri’s grand event at a 5-star hotel. Dokko Jin who already realized his feelings, could not bear to see her in this pitiful existence and rescues her from that setting.

The flyer again appears in the next episode, where Dokko Jin teases Gu Ae Jung with it.  Since she is with the company and cannot take side jobs without notifying them first, the nightclub performance is a violation of their contract.  Dokko Jin uses it as one of Gu Ae Jung’s chicken (See: Chicken), taunting to expose it before deciding to keep her secret.


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