–  Broken heart, the emotions felt after the end of a romance

We arrive at Ae Jung’s indecision about which man to pick. Ae Jung is saved by Dokko Jin who got her out of a media scandal over her purple sneakers (See: Purple Sneakers). Dr Pil Joo, on the other hand, goes on the couple making show and unexpectedly gives all 3 red roses (See: 3 Red Roses) to Ae Jung alone.  Ae Jung is having difficulty deciding.

Dokko Jin upon witnessing the 3 red roses ceremony confides in Jae Suk that Dr Pil Joo had just made a big mistake as this means, Ae Jung’s livelihood will be at stake. Dokko Jin’s reasoning is if Dr Pil Joo’s grand public gesture shows he has already picked Ae Jung, there would not be anymore couple making shows. However Jae Suk points out that Ae Jung need not worry about her livelihood as the 3 red roses means Dr Pil Joo has just showed he might just marry her thus taking Ae Jung away from the entertainment world altogether. This eventual realization shocks Dokko Jin as he sees Dr Pil Joo as a real threat for Ae Jung affection.Feeling jealousy for Pil-joo, Dokkojin expresses his heart by singing G-Dragon’s Heartbreaker (G-Dragon’s Heartbreaker MV ).Still unable to move her heart, Dokko Jin takes Ae Jung to an elementary school and confides in her about his sickly childhood because of his ‘broken’ heart (See: Heart), pleading to Ae Jung that if she steps on his heart, it is HEART~ BREAK~ for him. Dokko Jin says this to try and make Ae Jung feel guilty and chose him instead over Dr Pil Joo (See: Flower-Azaleas). Heart is a constant & predominant theme in this drama, interwoven beautifully. 


4 responses to “Heartbreak

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  2. speaking of heart break, did you inlcude the song of G-dragon heartbreaker? i should suggest you could put that also…

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