if i will have to explain why i love this drama, i simply can’t… so i’ll just be posting some of my favorite lines in the drama maybe that will enlighten you of why it is very special to me…

GAJ: Since I look good today… I better not lose energy and act a little cocky. I don’t look cheap wearing this, right?
DKJ: You didn’t look like that when you were wearing the frog costume. Out of all the frogs I’ve seen, you were the most luxurious.  Continue jumping hard (working hard). Gu Ae Jung, do I look cool today? I have to look the best today. Tell me, if there’s anyone that can say Dokgo Jin is not cool.
GAJ: You look cool. Dokgo Jin, even when you were the loser butt hole Jin, you were still cool.
DKJ: Always remember me as cool…
GAJ: Even if he’s cool, I have to forget him.
D: When I was a sickly Adonis, there wasn’t any chance of going on a picnic. But I wished for it very badly. I wondered maybe a miracle would happen and I might be able to go… Will the heavens allow me? I wish the Gu Ae Jung heavens would allow me. Please…
G: No way
D: Why are you so cruel? Try to imagine a sickly Adonis praying to god to allow him to go on a picnic at his hospital room window!
G: Whenever you acted stubbornly and threw a fit like that, did everyone listen to you? Then, it seems no one punished you or told you “no.”
D: The only benefit of being a sick child was that I… Wasn’t punished but forgiven regardless of anything I did. Gu Ae Jung, can’t you really… forgive me for just one more time?
G: I will never go on a picnic with Dokgo Jin. It will only rain all the time between you and me. So don’t even expect it.
D: I will wait until the rain stops between us. When it stops raining, a rainbow will appear. This big.
P: I’ll help you. If it’s hard, just follow my lead.
G: I really zipped by him and gave him the cold shoulder, didn’t I? He must have understood that I ignored him and passed by him, right? If he has pride, then he’ll definitely get lost, isn’t that right? Then it’s all over now.
G: I’m sorry. This must be hard on you too. I’m sorry.
P: That picture… I didn’t delete it.
D:Gu Ae Jung,
The potato you brought…
I raised it this much.
The sprout is said to be poisonous.
But I was patient and let it grow, and perhaps a flower might eventually bloom.
I’m broken, so I no longer have it in me to catch you properly. Therefore,
It’s your turn to come to me.
So that I won’t come to a halt and keep moving forward, come and recharge me.
 G: You, bad jerk! Recharge.




i  still have to lot to post.. but will try to edit this later…


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