Pleasant; agreeable; satisfactiory

(of a person)Pleasant in manner; good-natured; kind

Fine or subtle

Requiring careful thought or attention

Fastidious; scrupulous

Ae Jung wanting to avoid being called a cheater or the other woman, since Dokko Jin is still involved with Se ri as far as the public knows, put her livelihood, her family that she provides for and Dokko Jin’s star status above her own needs to reciprocate Dokko Jin’s affections for her.  This makes their relationship one-sided.  Dokko Jin pursues Ae Jung anyway and gets rejected over and over again (e.g. at the cinema, with the pen misunderstanding (See: Mont Blanc Pen), when she wanted to forgive and make him curry with potatoes (See: Curry/Potato).  Yet, he perseveres.  One morning, still sulking at home, Dokko Jin adorns his best suit, looks himself in the mirror and to hype himself up says, ‘Handsome! NICEEEEE~ Perfect! You cant let it be seen that you’ve fallen into a pathetic one-sided love. So you have to look even better!’NICEEEEE~ is used again, in Jenny’s café when Dokko Jin arrives with wine (See: Wine) as a peace offering.  This time Ae Jung starts to fall for Dokko Jin (See: Magnets) but he has already moved on thinking that he was only attracted to Gu Ae Jung because the Thump-thump song (See: 두근두근 (Dugeun-dugeun) – Thump-thump) was played during his surgery 10 years ago.  Gu Ae Jung reaches for the wine, Dokko Jin cheers her on with his signature NICEEEEE~, initially elated that she accepted his peace offering until…


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