Panty [pan-tee]

In naver dictionary it says that panty or 팬티 are briefs, underpants, pants, panties, knickers, boxer short, boxers, or shorts.

Gu Ae Jung accidentally uses Dokko Jin’s panty to wipe the Medicinal Tonic she spills in Dokko Jin’s house. She goes there to replenish bottled waters in place of Jae Suk but ends up hiding from Dokko Jin when she sees him half naked, coming out of the shower.   She finally gets caught trying to sneak out of his house holding his underpants.

Yoon Pil Joo calls her just as she’s about to leave Dokko Jin’s house.  Hearing that she will meet Pil Joo later, a jealous Dokko Jin deliberately shouts to wash and leave his panty, delaying her from leaving.

“Wash my underwear before you go, so that my poor underwear doesn’t smell like the Medicinal Tonic!”

This scene is mirrored later on in the series when Dokko Jin enters Gu Ae Jung’s room and cleans up a medicinal tonic spill with her white shorts.  (See: Face Cream and White Shorts)


7 responses to “Panty

  1. this scene is the most HILARIOUS part of all Kdramas.!!!

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  3. Yes, sorry, I just saw the white short entry after.
    And I realize there is at least an other mirror scene, damn this drama his so well written.
    Thank you Dokko Girls for sharing this. That’s a wonderful site.

    • no problem.. because we love the drama we are just sprouting the potato…

    • Thanks for reminding us about the link with the white shorts. The above post has been changed to include a link with the other scene.

  4. Maybe on this entry you could add the panty (short) of AJ with Jin hands print on too.
    In fact it’s mirror scenes : enter the other home, hiding, panty/short used to wipe out the medicinal tonic, and awkward situation when they are caught.

    • panty shorts has a separate page as well, it’s together with the face cream… thank you again for the wonderful ideas…

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