A picnic can be term as a simple but enjoyable excursion at which a meal is normally eaten outdoors.

It starts when Dokko Jin tells Gu Ae Jung that he’s never been to a picnic as a child and asks her to go on one with him the next day. She refuses but he continues to plead with her.  She comments that a picnic will not be possible as there’ll always be rain between them.  Not backing down, he says he’ll wait till the sun peaks out again.Instead when it does rain the next day for Hyung Kyu’s picnic (aka Ding Dong), Jin arrives with an RV thinking that maybe Ae Jung will change her mind when she sees what he has planned.  But Pil Joo beats him to the punch by suggesting they have a picnic right in their living room.

After they both admit that they love each other, the subject is approached again. They’re in his car late at night when they discuss about it. She comments it’s too late to have one. He suggests going to his house to have a private picnic there.  She’s reluctant but in the end to cheer him, she relents.  It doesn’t all go accordingly to plan when Jae Seok shows up drunk, giving Ae Jung the wrong ideas about Jae Seok’s feelings for Jin.

It eventually happens in Episode 13 by an isolated rice field in the countryside.  Because there is nothing to see, no shade, they do not have to worry about people seeing them.  Despite the hot sun, Ae Jung agrees this is the perfect place for their date/picnic.


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