–  Feeling distress, esp. through sympathy with someone else’s misfortune.

–  Filled with compassion for.

Dokko Jin, no longer entranced by Ae Jung after finding out that the Thump-thump song was played during his surgery (See: 두근두근 (Dugeun-dugeun) – Thump-thump) brings a peace offering of Peter Jason’s wine (See: Wine) since it represented the beginning between the two of them.

Earlier, Dokko Jin used Pororo magnets (See: Magnets) to prove to Ae Jung why she is now falling for him instead. Ae Jung told Dokko Jin that it didnt make sense that his surgery could have entranced him that way.Dokko Jin arrives uninvited at Jenny’s cafe and reasons with Ae Jung to understand him and to trust him because he trusted himself and now he has recovered. He says, “SSSSSOOOO RYYYYYYY” ( sound – pronounced as 쏘오오~리! in Korean) and this word has since caught fire and used the same way by many fans of Best Love.


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