TOP funniest moment or when did you laugh the hardest?


11 responses to “TOP funniest moment or when did you laugh the hardest?

  1. when Dokko Jin sang a song with his anger at the karaoke place lol could not stop laughing! even now when i remember that scene! lol HE IS SO CRAZY ! hahaha

  2. hi ! 🙂 from philippines , shaira imnida 😀

    i really really laughed a lot when Gu Ae Jung tries to wipe the mark she left on XERO POSTER of dok go jin , then suddenly dok go jin saw her and thought that ae jung was doing something about that poster , then he called her and said ( like this ^^ ) “hey gu ae jung , what are you doing ? you can do that on the real DOK GO JIN ” then he tried to imitate the facial expression he made on that poster ! HAHAHA. that scene made me laugh out loud ! most especially the facial expression of DOK GO JIN hahahhahahahhah !! and i also love the way he said “ding dong !” “hey ding dong ! ” hahaha so cute ^.^

  3. Hi! New here 😀
    In 5 episode, the Camellia story…with the evil laugh! OMFG! That was sooooo funny! Cha Seung Won is hilarious! The bondage scene from last episode, the gay scene, when he’s doing his mind control time and sings Dugeun-dugeun LOL
    I really enjoy this k-drama! Cha Seung Won is the best!

  4. Pink Princess

    Panty scene omg!!! hahahaha the heartbreaker scene i was laughing real hard too if i was Gong Hyo Jin i guess i wouldn’t be able to keep my straight face on my gosh it was just soo funny actually all the parts that has cha seung won was soooo hilarious!! Even the part where he saw AJ hugging PJ i know i know its supposed to be sad but what makes it funny is when dokko jin forced himself not to look at them like a kid Hahaha and of course all the ding dong parts! 🙂

  5. I love many funny scenes, like the pikachu quiz call, the PANTY scene, the Heartbreaker karaoke scene, the gay scene between Jae Seok and Jin… Dokko Jin never fails to make me laugh so hard. But my top one must be the one where he slow motion passed Ae Jung (episode 8) it cracks me up. His face’s expressions were soooo hylarious.
    oh oh i forgot the erotic ones from last episode. lol. never expect to watch him like that
    … not that i complain

  6. I have to say that I truly love the Heartbreaker karaoke scene. The lyrics to the song truly affect how jilted he was feeling because of Ae-Jung’s affections for Pil joo. And I don’t think GD quite imagined that his song could be sung like this. I was literally rolling on the floor and I doubt I will ever see this song the same way again.

  7. “My unfortunate, tonic infected PANTY!”- that was the most ever, funniest fiction scene I’ve ever watched… That was the most part I’ve ever laughed like a crazy!

    • I think this is probably my 2nd favorite scene. At first I was just shocked and couldn’t react to his childishness but when he continued… I just couldn’t stop laughing. He just so crazy!!

  8. When Dokko Jin was shouting ‘PANTY’ so pil joo could hear on the phone and the gay scene! Gah, it was zoo funny I was laughing so hard that I couldnt see the screen properly!! Wish I could see the BTS of it, I wonder how the cha Seung won and the manager were like before and after!! Also, I love the way he said P-PANTY!!! LOL

    • i’m still waiting to see those BTS scenes… i spent a whole week shouting panty for no reason at all. right now i can’t think of panty without laughing

  9. I have three today they change so today these are my top ones… When he poked her in the van and then gave her an autograph on her hand. The Dokko Jin song, when he was saying Cha seung won, no. Dokko jin, dok, dok dok. and today the scene with the cans of milk I died laughing.

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