TOP saddest moment or when did you cry the hardest?


10 responses to “TOP saddest moment or when did you cry the hardest?

  1. same here ! 🙂
    everytime that gu ae jung cries , i dont know why but her eyes made me feel that im in her position . most especially when she tried to put the sneakers on the garbage bag T_T i also cried a lot on that scene.

  2. Pink Princess

    i cried through out the latter part you know how ironic it is that im laughing real hard from the start and as the story goes on im already crying my heart out i cried a lot on the part where AJ watched the video that DJ made before his surgery and the part where he announced that AJ is the love of his life i srsly cried my heart out i can totally feel what they feel its as if im AJ for a moment.

  3. if nkim111 cries every time AJ cries. I must say I cry everytime Jin cries. His eyes are just killing. they got right trough my heart. I think i cried in every episode as much as i laugh in every episode but in episode 10 I cried from the start to the end non stop. And so I cried in episode 13 and 14, even in the happy scenes cause i knew something very bad would come. Of course by the ending of episode 14 I collapsed. Jin saying Ae Jung would sing for him somehow and Ae Jung finally singing the Thump Thump song alone just kills me. Saddest scenes ever.

  4. i cried when the surgery was about to start. very sad moment.
    also every time jin cries or feel sad i could feel heaviness in my heart. i was very much affected by jin’s feelings.

  5. I have to say that every time Gu Ae Jung cried, I cried. What is it about Gong Hyo Jin that moves me so?? I was just a bawling mess during her press conference and wished I could be there to comfort her. 😦

  6. So many scenes I cried most!!!! but the part I was attract and my tears are falling non-stop was when piljoo and aejung returning home at aejung place, and dokko was there!!! that was the first time, i’m crying for dokko… he was super sad then… (epi.11)

    also when the surgery is about to start, then dokko’s doctor was asking about “doo geun-doo geun agassi” which was aejung who will sing live for him during the operation.. OMG…. that was so sad ever! I want to screw up all the reporters outside at that hospital so that aejung will go to dokko…
    :(((( (epi.14)

  7. taylorrrvictoriaaa

    When those evil ahjummas were talking about Ae Jung outside of the (convenience?) store, and Hyeong Kyu walks out with his iron man snacks and hears them. He just stands there and cries. It broke my heart.

  8. Well, this is hard I had several moments one would be the first kiss he was just so full of angst and wanted so bad for that monitor to beep that really made me cry. When she was at the steps after the evil manager spilled coffee on her, when she said that all she could wear was a frog suit. the I love you whisper. the fake interview in her house with the remote control. but the top one to see him cry in that car just before she said recharge. There were a lot I can’t choose one.

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