What do you love the most about the AE-JIN couple?


5 responses to “What do you love the most about the AE-JIN couple?

  1. their CHEMISTRY OF LOVE obviously!! their arguments about things, their tears, their angers, their happiness ALL OF THEM!

  2. Add-on this show has display it all. If this world is like this movie, this world is very beautiful.

  3. Ok, this time I’m more serious to answer this question. I think true-love is not to make use of each other. It is to seek for understanding.

    Like the scene where Dokko Jin saw Ae Jung holding hands with Yoon Pil Joon. He felt hurt but wait for Ae Jung answers. Action speak louder, Ae Jung came out to Dokko Jin’s car.

    Loves also demonstrate care and so kindness to one another.

  4. Pink Princess

    they’re soo inlove with each other that everything else doesn’t matter. 🙂

  5. I love the way they looked out for each other, he worried and tried to help her and she did the same for him, they really showed that they love each other because love is selfless. They were so down to earth no pretentious, he didn’t take her to a lavish dinner in italy he could’ve done it, after all he was Dokko Jin but he took her to see the potato he planted. that was beautiful to me.

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