What is something valuable you learned through this drama?


8 responses to “What is something valuable you learned through this drama?

  1. nothing is impossible when it comes to love 🙂
    most especially when you’re a big star , all you’re fans , reporters , people around you are going to judge you the way they saw what you are doing . and this drama made me realized that when you are crazily (^^) in love , just let it flow and don’t understand what other people might say ! 🙂

  2. Pink Princess

    That if you love someone you have to sacrifice for him/her whether it will do you good or not if you truly love someone you’ll be willing to give them your all even if it takes going down the hill for them. See how Dokko Jin willingly sacrificed his sheltered life and a successful career just to be with Gu Ae Jung. He literally don’t care whatever happens to his career all he is thinking is that he loves her soo much he can’t afford letting her go for an international career. 🙂

    The second one is to never judge anybody specially when you don’t even know what they’ve been through. All of us is guilty on this along the way we has judged somebody whom we only know by their name but we don’t know what really happened to them. I was feeling AJ’s story on how she got judged and all i’ve put myself on her place and i can actually feel how painful it was to take it all in without complaining when she didn’t accept representative’s suggestion to let it all out and tell all the people what really happened 10 yrs. ago and she disagrees because she loves her family and friends even if it means not being together with dokko jin her love and the first person who made her happy for the first time in many years omg the antis should really watch this!!! its a total eye opener!! let them be they’re happy just accept it.

  3. The drama changed my perception of what greatest love is. I always thought that the true definition of “greatest love” is you willing to sacrifice your own life for that “great love” you have. But through the drama I have realized that greatest love is also you trying to stay alive for you to be with the love of your life.

  4. Have faith in your love. Although I feel that I understand DJ’s feelings during the few days before his operation… How much he wanted to spend his last days with her, in order to have no regrets if he passed on… I love how strong AJ was! I believe in that sense… she was able to give his heart the “두근두근” push he needed to be strong too. 😀 I don’t know if this is the stance that all couples should take… because it may not always go the way that one may hope, but I’m glad that she had that much faith in their love. 😀

  5. I learned more about love
    I learned more about the tough world

  6. is How the drama “BEST LOVE” defined in this drama…

  7. Celebrities have it rough, yes, maybe the money and the fame compensate but to see how a lot of them never make it to the top and have to do hard jobs like jumping on a giant frog suit and some even have to take the free hate from people that have nothing better to do but to spread false rumors and ultimate destroy their lives and their families it was eye opening.

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