What is your favorite episode and why?


5 responses to “What is your favorite episode and why?

  1. OH GOD! the last Eps is torturing my heart! i could feel all the emotions and the best scene is when Go Ae Jung watched Dokko Jinn’s video..OMG i am so happy it has a happy ending you know..i hate sad ending very much and well yeah when Dokko was in hospital for a heart surgery I did cross my fingers for his luck! CRAZY? yeah I AM ! lol

  2. all ! hahaha
    this drama is perfect ! i love all the scenes/episodes 😀

  3. Pink Princess

    Episode 14 i loved how they unravel the DJ&AJ loveline and especially the secret from 10 yrs. ago.

  4. Meet Iron man and Siperderman episode…. I’m so super admire at Episode 10(I think?) coz it really reflects on how dokko face all the hardship despite of being sown bec. of his condition, and as a superhero who he dreamed of since he was little, he decided to protect aejung all on his might.

  5. I liked episode 14, to me he grew from a spoil child to a knight in shinning armor, he was willing to sacrifice his possible last days so she would be off the hook that and the whisper I love you and he said it more times and all those sweet moments, I love that episode, it showed an improved Dokko JIn.

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