What is your favorite object and why?


10 responses to “What is your favorite object and why?

  1. POTATO! i think it’s so smart to put that object in this drama, you know what? because it seemed so hard to get off rid someone you like and even you will always want to keep a little thing that would remind of you him/her (typing it with a sad feeling) and you know what? overall i do like all the objects in this drama =)

  2. I also want to say the POTATO that Dok Go Jin cared a lot ^^
    by the way , my favorite thing in this drama is the sneakers shoes , HAHAHA.
    coz it also represent the love of go jin ssi :DD
    and it also shows that he will do everything just to win the heart of gu ae jung 😀

  3. Hey! There are so many types of potatoes yah! What type of potato they use? Keke…

    Sorry, trying to be playful 8;-p

  4. The potato. First it represents Dokko Jin’s love for Ae Jung. it was refused, it endured so many hardships, it almost die, in the end it overcomes and is fully rewarded. AJ plants the potato (love) in solid ground, take care of it so it will bloom beautifully one day.
    it was also a friend a silent confident for DJ. It was his hope of love….

  5. opps… forgot so say why… Because it helped AJ to own up to her feelings for DJ. 😀

  6. there are many… but I think I’d have to say the “don’t lie” poporo toy. 😀

  7. yeah, POTATO is the best . . . the best thing that ever happened to Dokko Jin and Gu Ae Jung . . . it represents their growing love, its endurance thru time and the continuing feelings for each other

  8. So many to choose from..but I also think the potato. It was their sign of affection for each other.

  9. I gotta agree with potato. Though I wish in the last episode they show us their grown potato with flower. XD

  10. Again the potato, it was an object of affection, he offered it to her she rejected the potato, she brought them to him he rejected them and then he kept one to nurture and took care of it as if it was love itself… Lovely.

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