What is your favorite word and why?


10 responses to “What is your favorite word and why?

  1. Inconceivable it’s a fun word and especially entertaining when you use it in the same voice as Vizzini.
    I also have other favorite words and since I wanted to better know myself and others, I joined favoritewords.com – take a look, you might like that site.

  2. DING DONG of course!! how come they made that funniest words in this world? lol the script writer is a genius that’s for sure..OMMO! lol (hope i am saying it right lol)

  3. “yeah , my ideal girl is Gu Ae Jung , but there’s more .. she’s not just my ideal Girl , she’s also the person that im currently in love”

    — DOK GO JIN :D<3

  4. Oh, I didn’t know potato means love, hope and a future. 8;-p

    I wonder where are you from? How come all of you watch is show so much early. This movie just showed in December 2011 in Singapore.

  5. Pink Princess

    panty!!! ding dong and recharge!

  6. I am Dokko Jin!!! . . . this one alone embodies what you call “The Dokko Jin Way” . . . i always laugh hearing him say this all throughout the drama . . . CSW surely knows how give “Dokko Jin” his own personality!!!

  7. I am Dokko Jin and I am a special person…
    i never thought that someone could said like this very confidently 🙂

  8. taylorrrvictoriaaa

    PANTY. yep.

  9. How could I forget Recharge, it made me change the way I feel about recharging my phone. Now when face with something bad I say recharge and over come.

  10. Potato… It means love, hope and a future… I’ve never thought that a vegetable could have so much meaning.

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