Red Bow

Dokko Jin always willing to preserve his good image, accepts the pleads of the Couple Making Staff, to do an event for Kang Seri.  He ends up in a room full of balloons, rose in mouth and a red bow tied to his neck to surprise her for their anniversary.  Instead he is the one who’s surprised when Gu Ae Jin bursts into the room and tells him she would never, ever like him, ruining the surprise.

After enduring a major heart surgery and two months absence, Dokko Jin returns to Seoul. Kim Jae Seok asks him if he has any romantic gestures to surprise Ae Jung and suggests tying a red bow around his neck and say “Dokko is Gu Ae Jung’s present”. At first Jin scorns the idea but later accepts to do it and even practices with Jae Seok.

He goes to Ae Jung’s house with a big red bow tied around his neck and is practicing his line when Ding Dong (See: Ding Dong) finds him. The kid is so happy to see Jin that he concedes to also being a present for Ding Dong. All prepared for the surprise, Jin is alarmed to see Ae Jung coming arm in arm with Yoon Pil Joo.  He hides and jumps out to frighten Ae Jung who replies that it must be the Butthole Jin who hasn’t really changed.  Jin was expecting a melo, comedy or erotic drama but asks what is up with the horror drama? He resists presenting her with the real reason for his visit for another day.

When Jin makes a public declaration of love on television, he waits for Ae Jung with the same red bow tied around his neck and a ring (See: Ring).  He asks Ae Jung to take responsibility for him and she promises to never let him go and hugs him tightly.

While the red bow can simply be seen as a cheesy declaration of love, it can also represent a stripping of pride and the promise of hidden treasures to come. Since Jin is a showman, for Seri’s event it is simply an act to look good in front of people while masking his true feelings (or lack of feelings) for Seri.  But when he falls in love with Ae Jung, it turns into wanting to do something special even if it means looking foolish.  If the ring represents the future, the bow represents an entryway into that future.


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