Welcome to Best Love Dictionary! If you have already seen this drama, if you are a fan, if you are curious about this website, this is where I tell you what this place is all about.

On 22 May 2011, I wrote, My confession! Best Love/Greatest Love has affected my life profoundly. This is serious because, when I do my laundry now I still giggle like an idiot while washing my underlings. When I see red roses, I have an urge to put one red petal in my handkerchief . When I see my boss’ mont blanc pen, I cringe… I grimace… and most of all I secretly curse at it. When I hear someone say chicken or eat chicken, I flashback to the chicken episodes and secretly wonder what is Cha Seung Won’s chicken? When I saw this in the shop shown below, I know I’ve really lost it. I couldn’t resist getting it. I know it doesn’t have Dokko Jin’s face but I cannot resist buying a dozen!


 L ast but not least, I have to admit I now don’t see a potato quite the same way again! How could I? When you see how a simple vegetable can do this to Pantyman who has a heart made of steel!

Now that you have read this, if you are a Best Love fan or watched this drama, you will totally understand me, in fact it might bring a smile or even laughter. However if you haven’t watched this drama (which you should!!! lol) you will not know the many layers of meaning an object or a word means to us Best Love fans. I often pepper words or even refer to objects affectionately in my daily lives like a language all its own. So this is a place I wish to share it with other fans and the uninitiated alike. A place where it is a reference point and where everyone can express their love, passion and devotion for this drama.

Ever since Best Love premiered on 4 May 2011, it has been a journey that filled my heart with love and now coming to its finale, I have had the good fortune to have the help, talent and passion of my fellow DokkoGirls, they are indeed Treasure Girls because they have been the heart of this website, without which this website would never be born. I never imagined from my humble idea that this website would have grown so beautifully. I cannot thank them enough! Like Dokko Jin wanting to leave a lasting legacy for Ae Jung – I hope this website will be a lasting legacy of our love for this drama long after it’s finale.

For the uninitiated, the reason I entitled objects and words as Objects of Affection and Words of Affection is because it is derived from its previous name for Best Love which was Discovery of Affection. And what a discovery it is! Like the red petal in the handkerchief, I would like to keep it right in my heart pocket, for all future viewers and lovers who will find themselves imprinted with an undeniable HEART for this drama. I hope our little 6090 will make you go duguen duguen….




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  1. A truly beautifully-written introduction to a beautifully-presented legacy of Best Love. I hope Dokko Jin-ssi discovers this dictionary and hearts you and your DokkoGirls/TreasureGirls with a love letter shoutout 🙂

  2. I fully endorse the use of the word “affection”. I am not Korean, but I understand from Dramabeans that that’s the meaning of Ae Jung. Am I right?

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