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  1. hi it will be about two years soon since BL aired but i just can’t get over this drama yet. still tops my list of fave dramas. i am happy that i have inflected this insanity to my officemates this year. yay! more followers still for BL.

  2. Hi, thanks for creating this website. I just want to leave a reply here that I like this love story very much. It is like modern Prince and Princess Story. They live happily ever after.

    The music is nice, although I don’t understand a single word.

    I’d missed the mandarin translation of this movie. So I went to watch online. There isn’t any mandarin interpretation. I don’t used to read Chinese subtitle, so I got the whole story bit-by-bit, but this bit-by-bit still enable to help me to paint a beautiful love story.

    I just want to say, they are doing a good job. This also encourages me to learn Korean language to re-watch this show again. I want to get the story right. keke…

    This also make me wonder, is Korean guys really so nice? 8;-p
    This story not only portrayed on love story alone, also showed me the ugly side of people. Like those spectators, gossiping about the lady Ah Jung who wasn’t famous anymore. What’s wrong when a star no longer famous?

    Oh by-the-way, I like the picture of the commercial kiss. The photo taken of Dokko Jin very handsome and kind (Oh, no the right word is gentleman. Hehe…)

    Just to share my thoughts deep-down from the bottom of my heart. keke… hope I could pick-up Korean language fast so that I can watch it again.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We love reading the comments! I do recommend that you try to watch this drama with proper subtitles. It seems you do understand english and I think withs2 subtitled this one. Or at the very least read the recaps at dramabeans. The reason being is that this drama is filled with great puns and wordplay and I’m not sure I that comes across for you. Anyhoo, thanks for stoppin by our recharge station! 😉

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