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Welcome to The Best Love Dictionary!

We hope you enjoy your stay at our little 6090 corner.

This is a work in progress website as this drama has JUST completed.

Please be patient as we are keukbok-ing many elements and stay tuned as more treasures await you.

For those that are feeling withdrawal symptoms from the finale, feel free to rechaaarge here…

As Dokko Jin would say, “Just be honored we even let you in here.”

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  1. It looks like Best Love will show in other Asian countries pretty soon. Looking forward to see our OTP go over there for promotion and receive the love from around the world.

  2. Thanks for this awesome page! I am totally feeling the “withdrawal symptom” 🙂 I love this drama! Keep up the good work!

  3. ding dong!
    I love this drama so much. Thank you for creating this side for us to recharge our love for them. I hope this drama will win many awards this year…finger cross 🙂

  4. Thank you for creating this site. You just made my day! 🙂

  5. nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahha love it !!!!!!!!

  6. Dokko Girls!!
    Something missing…since the new week starts with out Best Love on Wednesday..Thanks for coming to the Blog..and share your love..
    Love Ya

    • ahh, Pach i am here now too . . . am wondering what to do on wed and thurs nights without BL . . . having lots of withdrawal symptoms

      • Welcome to Dokko’s friend..
        flash back from last many discuss on epi 14…preview epi 15!! OMO!! still remember everything.. can come to Recharge anytime you like..
        Ding Dong!!

  7. missin’ dokko jin.

  8. Potato sprouts, RECHARGE (it’s really true), do-ko jin, dog ## of life, dingdong, we will always remember. thank you!!

  9. HiHi all Dokko Girls and G/Lovers! It’s been a pleasure to meet you all! : )

  10. You know that I had an epiphany, maybe the Hong Sisters got inspired on the world wide greeting for AEJ and DKJ’s wedding with the map that QD sent for CSW’s birthday. I think that it is too coincidental, so congrats QD…

  11. Really love this Drama..

  12. Love this drama .. I will miss it RECHARGE 🙂

    M!ss A

  13. Ae-jung: “Do potatoes really flower? I’ve never seen…”

    • Yup they do, and will be editing our collection as well so we will definitely integrate that once we have organized our collection…

  14. Dokko Jin: My ideal woman is Gu Ae-jung. But she’s not only my ideal woman. Gu Ae-jung is the woman I love right now. Yes, we’re dating. We love each other.


  15. L.O.V.E THIS SITE…..LET’S RECHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. HI all Dokko Girls!!!
    I had a blast in this period during the duration of Greatest Love…!! the BEST drama ever!!! all thanks to the ONE AND ONE CHA SEUNG WON and his marvelous portrayal of DOKKO JINN!! THIS CHARACTER IS ETCHED IN OUR HEARTS….

  17. madly in love with best love

    BL girls you are the best.

    thank you for giving fellow addicts an outlet here. The show has one more episode to go and I’m already showing signs of withdrawal symptoms.

    will come here for my daily dose of PJ and DJ!!!!!!!!

  18. Oh Wow, I’m a die-hard Best Love fans too. You guys are amazing =) I’m already having a Best Love withdrawal, and I’m going to come to here to recharge. Keep up the great work.

  19. AWESOME DokkoGirls! What a wonderful place to Recharrrrge! Thank you so much & keep up the good work! This site ROCK!

  20. Great work, Dokko Girls! Just brilliant. Your love for Best Love indeed knows no bounds.

  21. THIS LOOKS TERRIFIC… like a beautiful potato plant… I really like it \o/
    and now I can be recharged over and over again..

    Congrats to all the Dokko girls for the great job here

    Kisses to my sister Antoniazc and all the Dokko Girls.. Fighting! ♥

  22. VERY cool site, ladies!
    Do you have the power amongst you to make this series last forever?

    I guess I could just watch the episodes over and over and over and over forever…

    Only one more show; I will weep.

    Thanks for memorializing the best show in the history of time!


    I will “RECHARGE” after this wonderful drama ends….

  24. Bow to dear friend…I’ll come to join The Dokko Girls..soon

    Hope there is a space for me..

  25. I love your blog… It will be a place to recharge once our Greatest love is over… Please keep it up as long as possible since it will take a long time for me to recover from this lost.

  26. Tx for this…now i can enjoy the music….and Recharge!! 🙂

  27. Woooow, I LOVE this site, LOVE “Best Love” and I LOVE you guys, you are simply wonderful!!! I’ll come here whenever I need to ‘choong-jeon’! I’ll try to limit it to 10 times a day 😉

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