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27 responses to “Drama Polls

  1. I like all these picture. Well taken! Using what camera?

  2. i love dokko jing and goo ae jung

  3. Can we have a Dokko-Ding-Dong couple vote? I love the duo!

  4. Best kiss: Of course it’s the recharge kiss 🙂 “The move” out of the car amazed everyone I’ve shown it to. Everyone is musing about how he did this without hitting his head 😉

  5. wow so many difficult choices! Esp best kiss, funniest scene, and best looking guy haha

  6. ahh, i’m late in answering this but i have fun . . . love love love BL so much

  7. I’m going to miss this drama…
    love dokko jin and ae jung!!!!!!!!!!
    forever love to CSW and GHJ 🙂

  8. Me too.. I love this site!! you guys are superb!! all of the best!! BEST Love, BEST Drama, BEST Cast!!! Ding-Dong!!

    • thanks for liking the blog.. it is our RECHARGE place as well after the drama ended… continue to visit often as we have future line projects here.. thanks…

  9. Hey love this site, especially the polls page… LOL at the dokko jin + gamja couple~ i have a suggestion though, that the polls be divided into a one that’s more on dokko jin, and another one without him (if that’s possible), so that piljoo, jaesuk and dingdong can have more winning chances LOL

    • thank you for loving the site… we are actually updating the blog and one of that are the polls… so drop by often as this is one of our future projects….

  10. Yeah…Dokko Jin all the way! I am going to miss this drama a lot….

    • Me too!! I am in denial. To be honest eventhough I watched it live.. I only caught glimpses…couldnt bear stick through it all, gave all sorts of excuses not to watch. I guess I dont want it to end….I am sooo permanently Dokkofied its not pretty!! lol I will also miss the friendships… You are a true DokkoGirl!

  11. Lol. Dokko Jin with ‘so’ still wins. XD

  12. You girls ROCK! I got my vote in.

    Sprout the potato = Spread the love ^ , ^ v

  13. This was fun make a second part… I want more… Please.

  14. i had a hard time voting for the funniest scene, i wish you had an all of the above option ^.^ … can’t believe BL is ending *bawls*

    • we are curious as to waht will be picked out as the “funniest”.. i would love to have all of the above as well…

  15. Thanks for the design of the voting!~~ ^__^

  16. tari I understand you… it was so difficult to pick him cowless or not cowless??? if i can have him i can shave him or not… should ocassion requires 😉

  17. Thanks for it !
    DJ with or without cow… Too hard !
    Funniest scenes, the choices made me remember and laugh again just thinking about them !

  18. Can’t decide between Dokko Jin with the Cow and Dokko Jin Cowless..
    I go with: Dokko Jin.

    The funniest scene is tough to choose. Thanks that was fun 🙂

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