Click on any of the words to discover its significance in Best Love…


14 responses to “WORDS OF AFFECTION

  1. can i know how to say “try to guess” in korea or hangul..dok go jin has said it to ae jung in ep 1…pleasssseee..

  2. Recovery Girl LOLOl

    superr love this siteeeee
    it’s time to chungjeon !!!
    i ❤ TGL crew & fans 😡

  3. I have another one — “승리!” – VICTORY! Romanized letter per letter as ‘seungri” but pronounced as “seungni” or “sŭngni”. He said that with matching V finger sign when he won the bidding to GuAeJung’s rubber shoes.

  4. I have another one of his favorite lines — “회복!” [hoebok] – RECOVERY! I think he said that with matching hand gestures covering his face like in peek-a-boo.

  5. It’s me, nejiki8, an ultra-late Dokkofied gal, I have something I’d like to share to other DokkoGirls — the word “끌려” [kkŭllyŏ/kkeulyeo] present tense of the root word 끌리다 [kkŭllida/kkeukkida – to be attracted to someone/something]. He kept on repeating that in Ep 9 when he teased GuAeJung “Aha, you’re attracted to me now, aren’t you?”. “넌 지금 나한테 끌려!” …”끌려,끌려,끌려,끌려!” [Nŏn jigeum na-hante kkeulyeo… kkeulyeo,kkeulyeo,kkeulyeo,kkeulyeo!]

    • Oops, that’s kkeullida instead of kkeukkida.

    • Thanks Nejiki… i’m so happy to watch the videos you share in YT… and now see you here!!! Last night i rewatched episode 9 and i love how he keeps saying “kkullyeo kkullyeo Gu Ae Jung kkullyeo”. one of my fave lines 😉 because he was like a happy child boasting!!!

      • A grown-up man acting childishly like that and still looking adorable, that’s just how Dokkojin’s character is… a character only Cha Seung Won can deliver well.

  6. I think there should be a section for “I’ll sue”. DJ does threaten people with it several times until he goes through with it at the end xD


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